Intermedicavet (IMV)

Intermedicavet (IMV) had been Found in 2000, and since that time, it takes wide and steady steps toward the top of the market of veterinary medicine.
We are proud to be committed with an approach depending on credibility and transparency to achieve a long and honorable history and a solid bridge between the company and its customers.
We are carefully selecting our products range at the best international standards, which always have great favorable effects on the poultry industry and maximizing the profitability.
The company is committed to provide a skilled sales team with a high degree of scientific and technical values to ensure the delivery of an excellent customer service, which continues after sales in the form of fruitful communication and continuous survey to measure the satisfaction of our customer.
The company covers all the governorates of Arab Republic of Egypt with veterinary pharmaceuticals and feed additives products for poultry, cattle, sheep, goat, horse, fish, cat and dog. Our products range includes antibiotics, anticoccidials, antiparasitic s, enzymes, probiotics prebiotics, antimycotoxins, disinfectants, etc.
Our target is to improve the overall animal health and reduces the incidence of disease.
As we committed with the standards of excellence, we got the trust of the largest international companies in the global veterinary market. Intermedicavet is the sole agent in the Arab Republic of Egypt for the Belgian company VMD with its famous products for more than 20 years.
The company is the agent of the French company DELTIFARM, EMDOKA from Belgium and also the agent of DYNTEC from Czech republic . We are also the agent of the French company MG2MIX
The company›s trust and reputation is broadened to get the agency of the multinational company HUVEPHARMA and to still provide everything that is new and innovative in the market.
In order to encourage the local industry, we did not neglect to have a share of it. We provide some local veterinary products with international standards and top quality.
The company continues to make a great effort to create an ideal environment for the poultry and livestock industry through creation of new ideas and the application of modern technology and marketing of high quality products that achieve higher productivity and profitability, targeting to satisfy our customers and asking the help of Allah to stay on the track and continue in serving you and serve our industry and contribute to the rise of our beloved country, Egypt.
God grants success..


Dr. Ashraf Hassan