Feed Additives for Poultry

Each 1 Kg Contains:
Fumaric acid ( 98 %)                119 g
Sorbic acid ( 98 %)                    69 g
DL Malic acid                             56 g
Citric acid                                   56 g
Calcium Carbonate up to 1 Kg

• Synergistic and harmonic formula from organic acids
• Reduces the incidences of bacterial associated diarrhea especially E. coli, Salmonella and C. perfringens.
• Used as an alternative from antibiotics growth promoter in poultry industry.
• Manufactured with high technology in the form of microcapsules coated with palm oil.
• Thermostable to resist the pelleting condition.
• Protected from the acids of proventriculus to reach the gut, the site of their action.
• Good smell and good taste to improve the feed intake.
• Improves the average daily gain and FCR.
• Compatible with all feed ingredients and anticoccidials.

Inclusion rate: 400 g / 1 ton feed

Package: 25 kg