Vitamin, Minerals, Promoter for Poultry

Each 1 liter contains:
Phosphorus (Phosphoric acid)                                 102.6 g.
Magnesium (Magnesium chloride)                           12.02 g.
Sodium ( Sodium carbonate anhydrous )                 8.659 g.
Calcium (Calcium chloride )                                     17.63 g.
Cobalt (Cobalt dichloride)                                         0.023 g.
Zinc ( Zinc chloride )                                                 2.572 g.
Copper ( Copper chloride)                                        0.552 g.
Manganese ( Manganese chloride)                          2.383 g.
Distilled water up to 1 L.

• Balanced amount from highly required minerals for different stages of production.
• Provides phosphorus required for growth, cellular and membrane function.
• Prevents the rickets, osteomalacia and cage layer paralysis.
• Protects the flocks from deficiency signs as poor growth and poor feed utilization.
• Improves the hatchability and embryonic survivability.
• Improves the immune status of the flock.
• Improves the blood formation processes as antianemic agent.

Dosage and administration:
For oral administration via drinking water
Poultry: 1 ml / liter drinking water.
Rabbits: 1 ml / liter from the last 2 weeks of gestation period to the 2nd-3rd week of
after parturition.