Feed Additives for Poultry

Composition :
Each 1 gram Contains :
Endo 1,4 beta xylanase                           250 IU
Endo 1.3(4) beta glucanase                   1000 IU
Endo 1.4 beta glucanase (cellulase)      1000 IU
Alpha amylase                                          350 IU
Protease                                                 7500 IU
Lipase                                                       100 IU
Pectinase                                                2000 IU
Maltodextrin                                              80 mg
Calcium Carbonate  up to                      1  gram

• Blend of highly efficient digestive enzyme 
• Thermostable enzymes resisting pelleting temperature 
• Improves the value of feed and releases the nutrients for the sake of bird
• Reduces the energy consumed by bird during digestion to improve the FCR
• Destruct the anti-nutritional factors which affecting negatively on flock performance 
• Used for all ages and stages of production  

Inclusion rate:
625  g  / 1 ton feed

Package: 25 kg